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When you think of visiting the dentist, most likely the first thing you think of is going in to have your regular exam and cleaning. Our Madison, Wisconsin dentist, Dr. James Tauschek, recommends that you receive these exams at least twice a year. These are the simplest way to identify possible problem areas, but also to prevent future dental issues from occurring.

A dental hygiene exam is a very simple process through which our team at Maple Grove Dental can help you and your family to keep your mouths and teeth healthy and gorgeous. To schedule a dental hygiene exam, please call us today at 608-848-5680.

Madison, WI Dentist | Dental Hygiene & Teeth CleaningWhy Have Regular Dental Exams?

If you maintain your regular oral hygiene through brushing, flossing, and the use of mouthwash, you may be wondering what makes biannual dental exams so important. On top of the wonderfully clean feeling that you’ll enjoy upon leaving your appointment, there are various other reasons for your dental exam. During the exam, our Madison dentist will be able to examine the following:

  • Tooth health
  • Gum health
  • Inner-oral tissue health
  • Problem areas
  • Cavities
  • Areas of gingivitis
  • Areas that may become infected with gingivitis soon if untreated

What to Expect During Your Dental Exam

The basis of sound dental care is routine cleaning and maintenance. During your biannual visits, our dentist will not only examine your mouth and teeth, but also perform multiple proactive tasks to protect your mouth from decay and damage. During your exam, you can expect to have your teeth cleaned and your gums flossed. You can also expect to have digital X-rays taken in order for our Madison dentist to have a clear understanding of the inside of your mouth. If the X-rays show any signs of weakness or cavities, we can discuss treatment thereafter.

Additionally, we will utilize medicated gels and prescription mouth rinses preventative if we discover problem areas. Also, we can thoroughly clean certain areas of your teeth using an ultrasonic scaler if necessary. During this exam, we may recommend that you or your children have dental sealants placed on the chewing surfaces of morals. This is more common in children and is a simple, in-house procedure. We will place thin plastic coatings on the eating surfaces of the molars in order to protect them from having food getting stuck, effectively acting as cavity protection.

These biannual exams are critical so that our Madison dentist can keep tabs on your overall oral health. We want to see you, so we’ll look forward to your visits and will welcome you warmly. We will also be able to determine if you have areas that could progress into something more serious and can provide prophylactic treatment for that. To schedule a regular dental hygiene exam and cleaning, please call Maple Grove Dental at 608-848-5680 today!