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General dentistry primarily focuses upon the prevention, detection, and treatment of typical oral health issues. Our Madison general dentist, Dr. Jim Tauschek, has spent nearly three decades of his life dedicated to general dentistry practices and improvements. When he opened Maple Grove Dental in 1999, he strove to offer top-of-the-line dental services in a family-oriented and inviting atmosphere. We are proud to know that we are still maintaining these goals as our practice caters to many local families, ages 1-101.

General Dentistry Services

Madison, WI General Dentistry | Maple Grove DentalThe simplest general dentistry service our Fitchburg dentist offers is a dental hygiene and teeth cleaning visit. During this visit, our team will review your medical history, obtain the appropriate digital X-rays, including panoramic imaging where indicated. We will also perform a cleaning, check for signs of periodontal disease and provide an oral cancer screening. These visits are generally recommended to occur twice a year so that we can monitor your oral health. They also give us a chance to catch concerns early and treat them before they become more serious.

On top of biannual cleaning visits, we offer the following general dentistry services:

We pride ourselves in being able to treat you according to your personal needs and desires. Our general dentistry services will be discussed with you before treatment so you fully understand why they are necessary and what the procedure will entail. We like you to be as involved in the decision process as possible and will help you with any anxiety or fear you or your family member may have.

Our Fitchburg dentist also offers emergency care for those rare times in need. Our dentist leaves a phone number on our answering service so, no matter what time of the day or night, a dental emergency can be discussed with him. Dr. Tauschek will then advise you as to the appropriate course of action.

To call and schedule general dentistry services in Madison, WI, please contact Maple Grove Dental today by calling 608-848-5680 .