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If you’ve been experiencing severe pain in one or more teeth, or an increased sensitivity to heat or cold, it’s possible that your tooth may be infected and could require a root canal. A root canal is performed in order to save a badly infected or severely decayed tooth.

If you need a root canal procedure, our Verona dentist, Dr. James Tauschek, will discuss every step of the procedure with you and help put you at ease. We offer oral sedation so you will be calm and relaxed during the entire process. For a consultation to determine how we can treat your tooth pain, please contact Maple Grove Dental by calling 608-848-5680 .

Verona, WI Dentist | Root Canal | Madison DentistWhat is a Root Canal?

A root canal procedure is necessary when the nerve and/or the pulp within a tooth becomes infected or decayed. The pulp is the soft tissue within a tooth and the nerves extend from the pulp down the internal channels of the tooth. Within this area, there are also blood vessels and other tissues that help bring nourishment to the tooth.

If the nerve or other soft tissues within the pulp of a tooth become damaged, they will break down and cause infection within the tooth. If left untreated, this infection can become an abscess that can be very painful and can also cause swelling, bone loss, and pus leakage.

A root canal procedure may require one or more visits. In order to perform a root canal, our Verona dentist will first take digital X-rays to determine if the inner pulp of your tooth is infected or decayed. Once this is determined, we will perform a root canal by first numbing the infected area for your comfort. After this, our dentist will drill a hole into the infected tooth and remove all infected tissue, pulp, and nerves. Then, our dentist may fill the interior of your tooth with medication and place a temporary filling. If this is not needed, we will fill your tooth with a sealant compound to ensure that bacteria never enters this area of the tooth again. The final steps in a root canal involve restoring the affected tooth, typically by placing a dental crown on the tooth.  

After your root canal procedure, you may experience some mild sensitivity, but this will dissipate and you will experience a permanent relief of pain and discomfort.

Choosing a Dentist You Can Trust

Our Verona, WI root canal dentist will make your procedure as comfortable as possible. Dr. Tauschek has decades of experience in treating patients and performing root canals. At Maple Grove Dental, we pride ourselves in providing personalized care to our patients and ensuring comfort throughout the entire process. To schedule a consultation and determine if you need root canal treatment, please call us today at 608-848-5680 .