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Perhaps you find yourself avoiding the camera every time someone tries to snap a picture, or, maybe you’re too embarrassed to show off your pearly whites because they’re actually a little more “mother-of-pearl” than white. Whatever the reason that you want to whiten your teeth, our Fitchburg dentist can help.

At Maple Grove Dental, our motto is lasting smiles begin here, and we believe that healthy teeth, healthy mouths, and gorgeously white teeth will cause lasting smiles. To discuss a teeth-whitening treatment, please contact us by calling 608-848-5680 .

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At Maple Grove Dental, our Fitchburg dentist can outfit you with customized take-home trays for your teeth-whitening needs. You may be wondering what makes a professional whitening program better than those that you can purchase in a store. The biggest difference is that our dentist will fit the whitening trays to fit your mouth’s shape. In-store teeth whitening treatments may only whiten certain parts of your teeth because they don’t fit uniquely to you, but our whitening kits will provide you with exceptional whitening because they are tailored just for you. Additionally, in-store whitening kits have been proven to cause more sensitivity, while ours are gentler and customized for you.

At your tooth-whitening appointment, our Fitchburg dentist, Dr. James Tauschek, will determine if your teeth are healthy enough for whitening. Over-whitening may cause sensitivity, so we may not recommend whitening for all patients. However, once we’ve determined that whitening may be beneficial for your teeth, we can fit you with a customized whitening tray and send you home with top-of-the-line whitening gels.

Our Madison Tooth Whitening Dentist

When choosing a dentist that you can trust for your tooth-whitening needs, you need to ensure that you choose someone that will take the time to give you the best possible service. At Maple Grove Dental, we pride ourselves in personal attention for all of our patients. We will get to know you and your family and help you determine what the best options for teeth-whitening would be. To schedule a teeth-whitening consultation, please call Maple Grove Dental at 608-848-5680 .