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If you’ve lost some or all of your natural teeth, dentures may be a option that you would want to consider. Dentures can be a long-term solution that will improve the aesthetics of your mouth, along with its functionality. With the loss of teeth, facial tissues can sag, giving a person an older appearance. With dentures, your facial tissues won’t sag and you’ll improve your speaking and eating abilities.

Our Madison dentist, Dr. James Tauschek, can discuss multiple denture options, so a preliminary consultation is always the best first step. To contact Maple Grove Dental, please call us at 608-848-5680 .

Madison, WI Dentist | Dentures | Fitchburg DentistTypes of Dentures

Our Madison dental office offers complete or partial dentures in order to serve your needs. Complete dentures will take the place of all of your missing teeth, and, oftentimes, are created before your teeth are removed, so they can be placed right away. The advantage of this is that your jaw, skin, and oral bones won’t sag during the healing process. However, the disadvantage is that you may have to come back in several times for adjustments.

Conventional complete dentures are created after your teeth are removed and are made to match your mouth. However, these types of dentures need to be matched to your healed mouth and gums, so they may take up to 12 weeks to be formed.

 Partial dentures are placed when you are only missing some of your teeth, and the remaining teeth are healthy enough to remain. These are typically placed as a denture-supported bridge. In this process, our Madison dentist will place dental crowns on your healthy teeth and use those to connect the bridge of false teeth in-between the crowns.

Denture Care

At Maple Grove Dental, we recommend that you brush your gums and tissues lightly before placing your dentures in your mouth every day. This helps prevent plaque and other forms of bacteria from infecting your gums and keeps your mouth healthy and clean.

Alternatives to Dentures

There are several alternatives to dentures, the most permanent of which is a dental implant. Rather than a removable dental appliance like dentures, a dental implant is inserted into your jaw bone so your jaw actually fuses to it. This may be an option you’d like to discuss with Dr. Tauschek when you come in for your dental consultation.

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At Maple Grove Dental, our motto is lasting smiles begin here. With this in mind, we want every patient to know that we will personalize your treatment for you. We will help you feel comfortable and calm, trusting the fact that our dentist has decades of experience. Our Madison dentist will give you the treatments you need to meet your health and aesthetic goals, so please contact us today by calling 608-848-5680 .